Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Football Weekend- War Eagle

What a great weekend we had. We drove to Fayetteville AR for the Auburn vs Arkansas game!! When we left for the drive down we only had 3 tickets and were hoping to find more once we got there. Wishful thinking on our part. Here is a recap of the day.

We had the MSSU parade that Katherine (K) was in and after that we got in the car and headed to AR then parked and walked to the stadium. We got there in time for Tiger walk. They let us in this gate next to the stadium and the pep band and cheerleaders and all the AU fans were there. K talked to the band girls and they gave her part of the sheet music for the fight song. I got an email Monday morning from Laura the trombone player in the AU band. She had sent K the entire sheet music for the fight song. How nice is that!!

We then walked back to the car and had dinner and snacks then back to the field to meet our old neighbor Paul and get his three tickets (thank you, thank you , thank you) . It was great to see Paul and meet his brother!! (Jamey..I wish you were there!!!)

Then we had to sit in our assigned seats. So the girls sat together about 7 rows behind me and hubs and Hayden were about 6 rows in front of me. ( This is where it was very handy that we had got tickets from AU fans. All the tickets were in the AU student section and not all over the stadium..)

Abigale was a trooper and was so excited to have pink cotton candy. She sat and ate that for the first quarter. Then stood up and knocked her huge soda on my foot (I had flip flops on) She did not cry but blamed me for putting her soda underneath the seat :-) I still had mine so she was happy to have something to drink.

After half time she decided she wanted to sit with Hubs. So all the AU fans that sat between us helped her get to him so she would not have to walk all the way around. They were so nice.

It was like a taste of home. Talking to all those people from Alabama and finding out that they lived near places that I had heard of! Everyone was so nice. Even the AR fans. They gave us some grief with all the AU stuff the kids had on but were nice and even came up to Hubs and shook his hand. All the ribbing was in fun...but can I tell you how nice it was to walk back to our car with the AU shakers after AU had won the game!!!!

Hayden made his way to me and we finished out the game with the girls down with Hubs (they had moved during Half time when we realized that he had empty seats by him.)

Abigale fell asleep during the fourth quarter.

After the game we walked back to the car and then waited for the traffic to die down to head home. We were home in bed by 1:30 am.

Did I mention that the walk from the car to the stadium was about 1 mile. Abigale walked the entire time all the way back and forth. She was exhausted!!! But there was no whining or anything. she did great!!

Here are some pictures!


Kim said...

And what an AWESOME game it was!!!!!!
Do you have a trombone player? Or was that a random thing? Did you know my dad is a professional trombone player and was in the Al Symp Orch my whole life until the last 5 years or so, and now he sells brass instruments all over the southern US and east coast? Or did I just now tell you that for no reason? LOL
WARRRRRR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pinkmommy said...

Thanks for dropping by! Please come again! I will forgive you for being an Auburn fan. ;)