Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank You!

Thank you all for the Happy Birthday's yesterday. I had a great day. Here are some pictures!

Pumpkin Patch- Another great visit!

This is the shirt that I made Abigale yesterday morning.

(Abigale and Morgan)

(Kim, Kia, Me, Lori & Jen)

The lunch yesterday for my Birthday was great. The food and cake were wonderful. Thank you all for the great day!

We celebrated at home before the big Flag Football game. The kids picked out this Super Mom cake. They were so excited to surprise me! They had made cards and I even had a few cards that played Music! I love those. The two songs that played when I opened them were "Shake you Groove Thing" and "Your Simply the Best". I even got a bouquet of red roses!!


Jenny said...

How sweet of your family! I am acutually jealous as I can not remember the last time my family & friends have celebrated my Birthday. Love the cute super mom cake. I Think your blog is cute.
Happy Belated Birthday!!

PS. I have enjoyed the music also, this is my son's favorite song.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

You and those kids are beautimus. Hope you had a great birthday.

Sandi said...

Jen, the best birthday present I ever got was homemade from my children. I still have it hanging on a wall 30 years later. What a great day for you!!!

Liz W. said...

Hi Jen,

Yep, finally,...I'm on your blog site! Happy Belated Bday, looks like it was another fantastic one.

Great to see all the photos of the gang.

-Liz W.