Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Mail

It has been awhile since I posted some of my Good Mail. Today we arrived home to find a big box on our door step. It was from my Aunt Polly in New Hampshire. She sent cute goodies for the kids in tiny Chinese Take-Out boxes ( money, candy & Halloween Peeps) and some Fall Leaves from her yard. I got some red Toile plates!! ( You know I love Toile!!!)

A while back I answered a question at The Felt Mouse and was the first one with the correct answer....She sent me this cool box from San Francisco. All of the items were in the box of Pasta Noodles. Do you remember the song from the commercial???? "The San Francisco Treat...." I started singing it when I saw the box. Look at all the cool stuff she put inside it!! Thanks Jennifer!!

I also got a Birthday card from Kate!!

Thanks for all of the Good Mail!!

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Rhonda said...

Your dog just looks so sweet and kind. I am so sorry. Was she older? I can not imagine a life without our "Tessa". Elijah would be crushed to lose her.

I just dropped in to say Happy Anniversary. I thought I would see a blog celebrating your 16th.

So, HAPPY SIXTEENTH! Hope you get to do something really fun and oh so memorable. You know... like go to a nice place and order from the menu without worrying if the restaurant has a children's menu.