Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mom's Turn

For most of us, we began our blogging experience with one, two or both of the following goals in mind:

1. As an outlet to vent our frustrations of motherhood, womanhood, and adulthood.
2. To chronicle the everyday life, as well as the milestones and special memories, of our children as so we never forget.

As our blogs grow in popularity, not only strangers (now our "blogger" buddies), but our family and close friends have begun reading and commenting. It is no longer possible to really vent about the things we want and need to in order to maintain some balance of sanity. We don't want to offend a friend, insult a teacher, embarrass our children or start a family feud ... so we don't write about some of the things we are feeling. We just sit and wonder why we don't feel we have the freedom to write and say what we want on our own blog.

Well, guess what? It's our turn.
MOM'S TURN ... to let it all out. "Moms Turn" was created as a place where you could post anonymously ... getting whatever it is off your chest that you need to use writing as an outlet for. Most of the time writing and getting it out, is exactly the "therapy" we need.Do you have something on your mind that you just want to get off your chest? Go ahead. Try it! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

This is how:
Just email what you'd like posted to: Moms Turn
She will publish the post on on a first come first serve basis, with up to 5 posts per day. Your name/email address will NOT be revealed.

*****She is giving away a cool prize, so head on over and read about it*******


Sandi said...

My grandmother told me that if I didn't want someone to read it you shouldn't write it down. Good observation.

Ann(ie) said...

What a great idea!!! I love it.

I'm emailing you tonight about my order. Sorry I'm still getting my life back on track after that insanely long walk. =P