Monday, August 06, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

I am so late in posting this today!! Its a rough when you are at the beach and pool all day for a week and we are still here for another week!! This has been a fun vaction her in Gulf Shores, AL!!!

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***Things we have done while on vacation*****

We all grabbed the carts from the parking lot and brought them inside the grocery store. The person that worked there was so surprised and grateful.

On our 13 hour drive from Missouri to Alabama we let numerous vehicles over during all the road construction.

When a little girl got stung by a jellyfish I rushed over our Benadryl lotion for them to use. The mother was so surprised that I had that stuff down at the beach. ( I have not been coming here for 12 years for nothing)

The kids and I picked up all the trash that we came across on the beach.


Stephenson Family said...

We had a great day of RAKs. We all had fun!

dancin queen said...

I watched my neighbors kids so she could enjoy some shopping time at the mall.