Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It looks worse before it gets better!!

We are trying to get our house ready to sell. It is always hard to get all of the clutter and junk out of the house. I have been procrastinating for such a long time that we finally had to set a date for the For Sale sign to be hammered in our yard. I am planning on having a yard sale this weekend to get rid of the big stuff like the crib and highchair that Abigale is no longer using.

Abigale is now in her own big girl bed.

We have been playing room topsy turvey here at the Wilson's. We were given a new Full size mattress and box springs so that was put in Katherine's room. Her bed went to Abigale and Rebecca donated her shabby chic quilt for the new big girl bed. So Rebecca then needed a new comforter and after going to every store in town we finally found one at JC Penneys!!
Katherine's Birthday was in May and we just had her party Friday night at the Flip Shop. So with all of her birthday money she wants to get new bedding. Its amazing how much this Free mattress is going to cost me after its all said and done!!

So back to the cleaning out the clutter, getting the house ready to sell! We are moving to Arkansas!! DH has been commuting everyday from Missouri to Arkansas for 1 1/2 years. It is getting really old and with gas prices rising daily we just need to get to AR and have some sort of family normalcy!!
So here is one of the projects I tackled yesterday. Our hall closet was packed with all the winter stuff and who knows what else.


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Laura said...

Great job! I'm loving the hooks you put on the inside of the door. Very clever.

It was great hearing from you today!