Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Easter...

I hope all of you have a great Easter with your family.
We have been busy around here planting flowers and getting the yard ready for Spring. I have been driving back and forth to soccer practices, Dr. appts and dentist appts. Today I am taking Katherine to the dentist to get 3 teeth pulled. So keep her in your thoughts.

I have been meaning to post about some of the crafty things that I have made and to do some sort of tutorial. I am rushed for time today so I will just post pictures and post later on how to make them.

I have been making Marble Magnets for gifts. These are so easy to make and turn out so cute.

Here is a picture of some of the ones I made last night for Easter "Happy's" for the kids teachers.

I bought some cute tin pails in Easter colors and we filled those with Easter grass and one Easter egg filled with jelly beans. We then put the Marble Magnets on the outside of them. Since the pails are metal they stick!!

Then I made some cute hang tags on the computer and tied with a bow. The kids loved taking them to their teachers today.

I will post next week a step by step tutorial on how to make them. I gave some of these to my friends a while back for Valentines and just for fun "Happy's". I found some cute containers at Michael's to put them in. I will show you those too!!

One of my new favorite blogs to visit is Kristi at Everything is Pink. She is very crafty and a girl after my own heart with all her ribbon and monogramming!! She and her daughters made some cute Easter crafts too!! Go check it out.

Have a great Easter!! For those of you who are lurking...let me know that you are reading :-) Its nice to know that you are out there!!


The Wilson's said...

What cute ideas. I really want to know how you do the marble magnets...I would love them for our fridge to hang pictures of Benjamin and the rest of the Wilson Family. Hope you all have a Happy Easter. Can't wait to see you in May!!!!

Kristi Brooke said...

oh what kind words. thanks!

great idea with the metal magnets and buckets!

yerdoingitwrong said...

You are one talented girl. SUCH cute stuff!!! Happy Easter, darlin.

Kristi Brooke said...

Hippy hop, hippity hop.
Will the Easter Bunny stop?
Will he leave a treat behind,
An Easter basket for me to find?

I'll look over here,
I'll look over there,
I'll look behind things,
I'll look everywhere
I'll look until I find my treat,
And then I'll sit right down and eat.

Happy Easter!

Christie said...

Happy Easter to you too! how cute! We did little tin Easter baskets for a few of our family members filled with candy, but that little magnet is super cute!!!!!

kailani said...

I love the marble magnet idea. Very creative! They would be great in goody bags!

Kate O'Brien said...

Love all of your crafts especially those magnets. Happy belated Easter to you and yours!

Andy said...

LOVE the magnets!