Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Few of my Favorite Things

I got a lot of great things for Christmas but a few things that I really love are these.

1) A Forty Blinks Mask
2) a Kapoosh
3) A Moms Planning Calendar
4) A chocolate Brown cardigan twin set
5) Landsend Chocolate boots
6) Old Navy gift card

The Kapoosh was purchased after Christmas at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is great for all those knives that you have that you don't want to put in a drawer. We have had several Wood Blocks that has a space for your knives. The only problem is if you have more knives than slots available. The Kapoosh allows you to have all kinds of different knives and has places for all of them.

The Forty Blinks Mask is great if you need a sleep mask but you hate how it rubs against your eyes. This one has raised eye openings so there is nothing touching your eyes while you sleep. It is pretty cool if your like me and can't stand lights on when you are trying to sleep. Remember this post?

The Moms Planning Calendar is one I have used for the last three years. I love it because it has stickers to use for all those important dates and it has a pocket to put all those birthday invitations and Doctors notices in.

Just thought I would share with you!!


green3 said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas! I just got a family organizer on the 50% off shelf. I've spent the past few days getting it filled out. It's HUGE, just like the Trapper Keepers from the olden days!

yerdoingitwrong said...

I love the chocolate boots!!

Turtlemama said...

I was going to list all the cool stuff I got for Xmas...but then I was too busy playing with my new DS games to post anything! LOL Glad you had a great Xmas!! Happy New Year!! :-)

Reformed Grits said...

Cool stuff!

Lala's world said...

neat gifts! glad you had a good New Years and Christmas!

kim said...

The other night when Katherine was here, she was looking at my knife block with complete disdain...just short of shaking her head and tsk-ing. "My mom got a koosh for Christmas." And then took the time to explain how much better it would be to keep my knives in a koosh instead of my crummy butcher's block. (ahem) I'll be over to steal it shortly.