Monday, November 13, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

Here is what we are having this week at the Wilsons. Check Out I'm an Organizing Junkie for more Menus!

Monday- Taco night

Tuesday- Crockpot Honey Mustard Ham with Rhodes rolls & steamed carrots (thanks to Org Junkie for this recipe last week- My kids loved it and the leftovers were a hit too!! The kids said it was even better the second time around. They also asked could we have this every week!!!!

Wednesday-Mac and cheese and leftover Ham and rolls

Thursday-Baked porkchops, steamed rice and veggies

Friday- Sloppy joes and chips

Saturday- ALABAMA / AUBURN GAME Going to watch the game at some friends house that are from Alabama too!! Its nice to find some people from your home state (we are now in Missouri) and to be able to watch THE GAME. In Alabama football is like a religion!! ha ha. I am going to attempt to make some ribs!! Anyone have any good recipes? Please tell me how!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

for the ribs - I usually get frozen Corky's or something like that already cooked w/ the bbq sauce, so you don't have to spend a whole lot of time cooking them to tenderness. They taste homemade too, but just a lot less work and more enjoying the game.

I'm trying to find a place to watch the Ohio State/Michigan game this weekend as well :) so I can watch Michigan limp home in defeat

Anonymous said...

Ooh, have fun watching the game! That is a big one, huge rivalry. I always leave the ribs to my husband, he is the rib marinator and cooker in our family :(

Your menu sounds good, and I am going to check out that ham recipe. Love the "tried and true" types, we tried it and liked it, recipes :)

Have a great day, and a terrific week!

org junkie said...

So glad you liked the ham recipe...we do too! Have a great week. Laura

Rona's Home Page said...

My family just loves ham and the leftovers.

Happy Clean Out Your Fridge Day!