Sunday, October 01, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday

The Works for Me Wednesday is a great way to find out how other people get things done in this crazy hectic thing we call life. Here is my first post for a helpful idea. My son had a pretend fishtank in his room that had water, rocks and two fish that just floated around by using some sort of battery underneath the stand. The water had evaporated and the fishbowl was disgusting, with white dried on gunk. I put it through my dishwasher and it was still stuck. I used a brillo pad and still it was there. is my helpful hint... I put Vinegar in and swished it around and wiped with a paper towel and it all came off like magic. So get that vinegar out to clean all that gunk that you may not be able to get clean with regular (expensive) cleaner.

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