Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is a rectangle!!!

Look at this picture. Do you see a rectangle in it??? Maybe the yummy chocolate brownie?? Does it look like a rectangle?? Well, Abigale thinks it looks like one. She brought it to me while I was on the computer and tells me "Look momma, this looks like a rectangle!!". I said "Really, I had not noticed that the yummy brownie with colored sprinkles was a rectangle". Well guess what too can buy these yummy brownies and use them as a teachers aid!! You can teach shapes and colors. Abigale then went on to name the colors on thy yummy brownie!! What a smart child! haha. Do you think she wants to eat it or just work on her shapes and colors?


Kim said...

Sounds like she's one smart "cookie!" har har har

Lala's world said...

ummmm she sounds like my kids! they will do anything to get that candy!! but then so will I!

momrn2 said...

So, do you think if I started turning all my food into "lessons" I could get away with eating more of it as well? ha ha ha....Too cute!

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I've done some browsing here at your place and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Great posts!!

Feel free to stop by "My Quiet Corner" as often as you'd like! Welcome to blogging and Welcome to "My Quiet Corner"...

Michelle said...

Mmmm, I'm all about those type of teaching aids. Then we'll teach fractions by splitting the thing in half. Tell her she can have 1/2 or she can have 1/8 and you get the rest (they generally go for the "bigger" number 1/8)! Yummy! Then it's on to the subtraction game. If mommy eats two of the remaining 7 that leave mommy what? Oh yes, this could be fun!

And thanks for comming by my blog! To hollor, or not to hollor? I had to re-set my ticker AGAIN! Ugh! But improvement has to start somewhere.