Tuesday, October 03, 2006


We were running out the door so we could get to the post office and to Wal-mart before naptime. Abigale ran and got her shoes, opened the garage door and hopped into the car (She is only 3...going on 11) We stopped first at the post office, dropped the letters in and then off to Wal-mart. After pulling in and quickly taking Abigale out of the car I looked down at her feet. She had two different shoes on. One gold flip flop and one pink flip flop. I laughed so hard and hoped nobody would think I was an unfit mother (smile) The shoes looked great with the pony tail that I had put in her hair without using a brush. No brush?? She had decided to wipe her syrup breakfast hands in her hair at breakfast so the brush would not go through the hair. Well I guess it would if I wanted a screaming child. So can I just say she looked beeeeuuuutifuuuul!!!

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The Wooden Porch said...

Did you steal my daughter for a day??? :-)