Monday, October 16, 2006

Its Monday Arrgghhhh!!!

It is a true Monday at my house. I woke up and made pancakes for the kids and then went to move the clothes from washer to dryer. That is where my bad day began. The clothes were just sitting in the water. It seems the pumper thing that makes the water flow out of your washer and out of your house is not doing its job. I bailed all the water out and wrung out the clothes and put those in the dryer. I then unplugged washer and undid the tube to see if there was a blockage that I could just remove. Wouldn't that have been great to just remove a clog and then presto the Machine would start draining??? No such luck. I then undid the front of washer and looked around for some magic reset button that would get the pumper thing started again. No such luck. So I then wiggled all wires to see if those would make the pumper start working. I am sure you know where this is going...No such luck. So as a last resort I called Sears and they are sending someone out tomorrow between 8 and 12. In the mean while I will be hand washing stuff and throwing it in the dryer. My daughter has a soccer game tonight so I just handwashed her stuff and it is now drying. Just thought I would vent.

Ok here are Two Positives for your Washing Machine Not working
1) I had to pull out both Washer and Dryer and then had to clean all the junk/gunk etc. So now it is clean.
2) My Dryer is working...So technically I could hand wash and still DRY my clothes.

See, Monday is not so bad!! Right????


Kim said...

Ugh, seems like this is what happened to ours and we had to, um, retire it. Let us know what happens. Our Sears guy told us that for the price of the repair it'd be just as good to replace it. Hope your problem isnt like ours.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

At least it'll be clean when the repairman comes. That is always embarrasing when they get there and it's dusty all around it. Hope it's a simple repair!