Friday, September 29, 2006


Did I tell you that having four kids can be overwhelming. I know your not supposed to admit to this. Some people call me Super Mom but I really get overwhelmed when they say that. Today has been trying. My 8 year old had a major melt down at the bus stop this morning and my 11 year old got into some of my special paints for my business. IT has been crazy. I did however take Abigale (3) to the park to let her get some exercise. That was fun to be out in the fresh air. It was a beautiful day here in Missouri. Tomorrow can only get better!!! :-)

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Kim said...

To me, being 'supermom' means that at the end of the day, no matter what transpired, your kids love you. And I've known you just long enough now to know that your kids *definitely* love their mom.

Keep blogging, sister. My life isn't exciting enough to write about, so I'll keep sneaking-peeking on yours. :)